Flare Path, 2018

Buckets, 2017

Abyss, 2017

Concept images & experiments

Website created by Lauren Elizabeth Godin.

Photography credits: Lauren Godin, Ruta Irbite, Annie Hasler, Erin Guann, Harry Owen, Paige Leaf Wright, Suzie Dubowski & Becca Kennerell.

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"Thank you so much for coming in at such short notice and creating a beautiful lighting concept for us. It was lovely working with you, you were super calm and professional and the end result is better than we ever could have imagined " - AH & RD, 2017: Abyss Lighting Design: Lauren Elizabeth Godin Puppeteers: Rosa Douglas, Annie Louise Hasler In collaboration with Jack Coker; Michael Glanville; James Smillie and David Peters.